Escape to an Inner City Sanctuary

Rejuvenate your muscles with a treatment from the highly capable therapists at the SOMA SPA.
Hicaps available.


Relax at the SOMA Spa

Behind the closed doors of our luxurious treatment rooms, expertly trained specialists provide remedial deep tissue, and relaxation massage. Our resident myotherapist, Lou, has years of experience treating professional athletes as the team's myotherapist, and can get right into the source of muscular aches and pain with strong and effective massage techniques.

Retreat to the immersive experience of our single gender iHealth infrared saunas, complete with Bluetooth music, aromatherapy and adjustable mood lighting. Enjoy the full benefits of the infrared as it heats the body directly to create a cardiovascular workout, and removing heavy metals and toxins via sweat. iHealth infrared saunas bring you the latest technology which may help to reduce pain, detoxify, improve weight loss, and promote overall wellbeing.

Our saunas can be enjoyed as an inclusion within all membership fees and are available as a complimentary benefit for our spa guests.

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